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on Guitar & Vocals… Tim Baker!

Tim is a child of the 70’s! Born and raised in San Francisco to the sounds of rock and roll! He started to play guitar at age 14 and is self taught. Tim’s biggest influences came out of Southern Rock such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Outlaws, but he soaked up guitar riffs from all the classics… Stones to the Beatles and Clapton to the Cars. Aerosmith to ZZ Top!

After a long hiatus raising a family and working as a General Contractor, Tim picked up a guitar again in 2009 and proceeded to work at forming a band, playing both covers and originals. And here in 2023 he has assembled the best yet!

Tim is always trying to raise the bar as far as Guitar playing, Singing and the band as a whole. The latest version, King Tide has what it takes to go anywhere!